“Dr. D. is awarded The Thank You Star. A star that says thank you for being who you are; a shining light among many; someone special…A STAR!”---Anonymous
“ Dr. D., I am very appreciative of having had the opportunity to listen to you. You enlightened us on so many of your very useful theories. You have opened our eyes to the importance of multiculturalism---thank you, Dr. D, and prayerfully I will remember everything you have taught me.”
Thank you for all you have done for me and my school. I wish I knew a better way to say thank you---.” Termerhieland Hempstead Elementary School.
“Dr. D,
thank you so much---I am so grateful because you helped me to understand myself---and you changed my life as well.” ---Perryln Eata
“Dr. D, thank you for the inspiration, dedication, and motivation. God bless you!”---
Aaron L. Hamilton
​ “I enjoyed the presentation. The speaker was wonderful!”---
“Excellent speaker! Really appreciate the personal experiences.”--- Anonymous evaluation submitted 
Anonymous evaluation submitted
“Very creative and thought out! Interesting!!! Informative!!!”---
Anonymous evaluation submitted

Great and very interesting presentation. Very informative and relevant to goals as student teacher.”--- Anonymous evaluation submitted “Very interesting and engaging! Very useful and practical!!!” ___
Anonymous evaluation submitted “he’s funny---good ideas---new perspectives---Very encouraging!!” ---- Anonymous evaluation submitted “This was an outstanding presentation. He was both knowledgeable and funny! You must have him back again. I should have had him in my academic preparation!” ---
Anonymous evaluation submitted

“Awesome!” --- 
Anonymous evaluation submitted “Great presenter. Good practical information.”--- Anonymous evaluation submitted “Practical and relevant to life”--- Anonymous evaluation submitted


“Dr. Ndubuike is a superb speaker and professor who has an excellent command of his subject. I am honored to have him as part of education department”---LaCrystal
“I really enjoyed Dr. D’s presentation. I look forward to the next one”’---Anonymous
“Great speaker! Great teacher! Keep up the good work, Dr. D.”---Anonymous
“He is a fantastic  speaker. I enjoyed his presentation a lot!” ---Anonymous
“You are so much more than a professor. You are a great motivator! You have taught me many lessons that were not only in the textbook, but also in the book of life. I  thank you for all the lessons----You will never be forgotten!”----Jenifer Johnson
​ “Dr. Ndubuike, I have heard of you and how you challenge people. I have not met someone quite like you before. I talk about you to my mother and father because you have inspired me to do my best. I enjoyed your funny stories. I will never forget you---“---Andrea Womack

“Incredibly creative presentation encompassing ‘real world’ modeling. It was good to see a presentation that realistically spoke about multicultural inclusion.”---Anonymous evaluation submitted