Dr. Darlington I. I. Ndubuike, popularly known as “Dr. D,” is a Certified Diversity Trainer, Certified Leadership and Management Trainer, Seminar/workshop Presenter, and one of the finest, most enthusiastic, exuberant, inspirational, charismatic and multi-talented motivational and keynote speakers of his time.
As professor, educator, artist, sculptor, painter, author, and motivational speaker, Dr. D has been motivating and inspiring teachers, students, parents, corporate employees, organizations, churches, and the multicultural community for many years. Author of “I Too Dream America,” "The Struggles, Challenges, and Triumphs of the African Immigrants in America," "Multicultural Education in Urban Schools,"  "Unleash Your Potential: Put Any Foot Forward," and several published articles, Dr. D. is a dynamic and eloquent speaker whose energetic and entertaining style captivates challenges and encourages his audience.


dr. ndubuike is the originator of the BACKPACK concept, and he holds several degrees including a doctorate in Education from the University of Houston, a doctorate in Christian Counseling from the International Christian Institute and Graduate School.

Dr. Ndubuike taught both elementary and secondary schools in his hometown, Nigeria, and in America, and he has received numerous awards including Teacher of the Year in 1996. Dr. D is not only an educator, an author, an artist, an actor, a director, a playwright, a choreographer, a dancer, a singer, a writer, a comedian, a sculptor, and a painter, but he has also achieved the integration of the arts with the people’s culture. The International Guardian Newspaper called him “The Renaissance Man.”